Commercial Agents

Al Anderson Realtor

  • Mobile:701-205-6931
  • 3270 20th st s Fargo ND 58104

Al Anderson’s real estate career started in 2005 as a licensed agent in North Dakota…

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Mark Weston Commercial Realtor

  • Mobile:701.371.9779

Mark Weston has over twenty years of real estate investment and development experience. Mark specializes…

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Risa Holman Broker/Realtor

  • Mobile:701.866.6157

Risa Holman understands the concept of dedication and strives to deliver the type of service…

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Barry Maring Commercial Realtor

  • Mobile:701.212.8530

Mr. Maring is a successful entrepreneur with management experience in several diverse industries. He graduated…

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Kelly Rott Commercial Realtor

  • Mobile:701.269.1280

Kelly Rott owns the family farm and operated it for 21 years in Jamestown with…

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Ben Hanson Commercial Realtor/Broker Associate

  • Mobile:612.247.6268
  • Fax:701.356.5066
  • 3270 20th St S. Fargo, ND 58104

Ben Hanson has been active in commercial real estate 2011 in North Dakota and Minnesota. His main…

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Steve Green Commercial Realtor/Broker Associate

  • Mobile:701.361.3500

Steve Green knows the commercial real estate business in and out, not only does he…

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Jay Nelson, CCIM Commercial Realtor, CCIM

  • Mobile: 701.730.0290
  • 3270 20th St S. Fargo, ND 58104

As an experienced advisor, Jay’s in-depth understanding of operational issues, along with his marketing and…

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